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Founded in 1984, Hydromechanical Engineering Ltd. (HEC) has grown into an internationally recognized source for the design, production and support of a wide range of client specified and original in-house Advanced Test Equipment for military and aviation applications, Ground Support Equipment for UAV’s and aircraft, bridge-layer tank hydraulic systems and a range of tailor-made setups.

For nearly two decades, HEC has been providing overall hydraulic, mechanical and electrical equipment solutions to civil and military industries both in Israel and worldwide. Staffed by a team of qualified and proven engineers, HEC’s design and production facilities are constantly

upgrade with current technology, engineering and manufacturing of hardware and software systems.

A balanced team of technically founded and proven administrative support personal, efficiently manage these human and infrastructure resources.

Hands-on experience meeting the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s notoriously exacting demands has instilled our dedicated team of engineers with a deep familiarity with the customer’s needs.

That means on-time and in-budget project completion, leaving the customer independent in the field, while our total infrastructure support setup is always available to solve specific problems.

Evidencing HEC’s ongoing capacity to meet all relevant military and civil standards and specifications is the ISO-9001 certification it holds from the Israel Institute of Quality and Control.

Some of Hydromechanical Engineering Ltd. product lines are:
Ground Support Equipment

  • Cable Braking System for UAV’s.

  • UAV’s engines Run-in Test Cell and Dynamometers.

  • Dynamometers for testing UAV Powerplants.

  • Run-in and Fuel System Diagnostic Trolley for UAV.

  • Mobile Light Weight Hydraulic starter for helicopters.

  • Mobile hydraulic tests systems for aircraft’s.

Test Equipment

  • Universal Hydraulic Test Stands.

  • Test Stands for Hydraulic Servo Valves and Servo Actuators.

  • Test Stands for Hydraulic Pumps.

  • Test Stands for Hydraulic Motors.

  • General purpose hydraulic stationary and mobile test equipment.

  • Hydraulic Gunner Control Test Stands.

  • Test Stands for Hydraulic Power Packs.

  • Test Stands for Hydraulic Shock Absorbers.

  • Complete Set of Hydraulic Test Stands for M48, M60 and Merkava Tanks.

Hydraulic Systems

  • Airborne Hydraulic Systems.

  • Hydraulic System for Launchers.

  • Bridge-layer Tanks Hydraulic System.

  • Military Hydraulic Systems.

  • Upgrading Hydraulic Turret Control System of Tanks.

  • Computerized controlled Hydraulic Systems.

  • Electrohydraulic Back-Up system for Tanks and Bridge-Layer Tanks.

Among our clients are:

  • Israel M.O.D (Ministry of Defense) • RAFAEL

  • I.M.I (Israel Military Industries) • Tadiran

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  • I.A.I (Israel Aircraft Industry) • Elta

  • Elbit • Mekorot

  • Silver Arrow (UAV Aircraft’s) • Dead Sea Works

  • EL-AL (Israel Airlines) • Elco

  • Ashot-Ashkelon • Applied Materials

  • Foreign customers in USA, Europe, Far East and South-East-Asia


  • Tadiran

  • Elta

  • Mekorot

  • Dead Sea Works

  • Elco

  • Applied Materials


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