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Fueling System for UAV’s Series HEC-TDA

The HEC Starter Trolley, is designed for starting the UAV engine

  • Air operated, no electricity is required.

  • Spring driven Hose reel.

  • Spring driven grounding cable reel.

  • Electronic fuel quantity meter.

  • 4 modes of operation:
    – Fueling the UAV.
    – Emptying the UAV’s Fuel Tank.
    – Circulating the fuel, inside fueling cart.
    – Filling the cart’s Fuel Tank from external source (such as fuel barrel).

  • Modern design simplifies operation and maintenance.

  • Suitable for military and commercial applications.

HEC-TDA Technical Data:

  • Flow and Pressure: Up to 29 gpm and up to 50 psi.

  • Fuel pump: Air operated diaphragm type.

  • Fuel tank Capacity: Available up to 550 liters, Stainless Steel.

  • Spring driven Hose reel with 7-m flexible hose and filling gun.

  • Spring driven grounding cable reel with 15-m cable.

  • External Interface: Air Pressure 25-50 psig.

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