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Fuel Control Unit (FCU) Test Stand Model HEC-FCU-650

Fuel Control Unit (FCU) Test Stand HEC-FCU-650 is designed for testing large variety of Fuel Control Units, used on most of the commonly used aircraft’s.

The Fuel Control Unit (FCU) Test Stand consists of a stainless steel Hydraulic Cabinet and a 19 inch rack Electronic Control Console, with an industrial grade Pentium Computer, running under Windows.

The Test Stand is equipped with computerized automatic data acquisition system,and capable to test the following Fuel Control Units:

  • Allied Signal P/N: 966595, 969900, 968870, 3602310, 3603100,3603879, 3608000, 3609150, 3882500, 3882600, 3883240.

  • Garret P/N: 124536, 124750.

The HEC-FCU-650 Test Stand’s state of the art design, make it very flexible, can be easily adapted for testing other types of Fuel Control Units, simply by adding software module to its computer.

  • Simple to operate, user friendly system.

  • The test steps and set-up instructions are displayed on screen.

  • Tests results, with PASS/FAIL reporting, are displayed on screen and printed on the included color printer.

  • FCU Drive: Adjustable up to 9000±2 RPM, 10 HP.

  • Boost Pump: Flow 6000 PPH at pressure up to100 psig.

  • Filtration: 25 micron Abs.

  • Electrical Power Supply Controller: 0-300 mA.

  • Vacuum system: Adjustable up to 2 In. Hg. Abs.

  • Temperature control of fuel test circuits.

  • High quality stainless steel construction.

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