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Complete Maintenance Workshops

Hydromechanical Engineering Ltd. supplies complete Hydraulic Maintenance Workshops for:

  • M48 Tanks (all versions)

  • M60 Tanks (all versions)

  • M107 S.P.G (all versions)

  • M109 S.P.G (all versions)

  • M110 S.P.G (all versions)

The Hydraulic Maintenance Workshops are supplied as a turnkey project and include full ILS program. HEC supplies all the required tools and fixtures, maintenance documentation and training crosses for the customer personnel.

The Hydraulic Maintenance Workshops includes:

Electronic test stands:

  • Gunner Control Test Stands.

  • Hydraulic Power Packs Test Stands.

  • Hydraulic Servo Valves Test Stands.

  • Universal Test Stands, with capabilities of testing cylinders, flow control valves, pressure control valves, electrical and manual controlled valves and accumulators.

  • Hydraulic Pumps and Motors Test Stands.

  • Shock Absorbers Test Stands.

  • Nitrogen Booster.

  • Gyro and Rate Sensor Test Stands.

  • M60 E.C.U (Electronic Control Unit) Test Stand.

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