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Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Model HEC-1600

Hydromechanical Engineering Model HEC-1600 Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
Test Stand is designed for testing the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of the M60 and other Tanks, according to the US ARMY DMWR 9-2350-253-8 and TM 9-2300-378-53/2

The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Test Stand Model HEC-1600 provides Computerized Fully-Automatic test control, with PASS/FAIL reporting, while allowing computer controlled manual operation of test system for UUT troubleshooting.

  • 19 inch rack electronic control console with industrial grade Pentium computer running under Windows 95.

  • Simplified test stand operation by mouse point and click.

  • The test steps and instructions are displayed on screen.

  • The computer automatically carries out the tests, on mouse clicking.

  • Tests, results, with PASS/FAIL reporting, are displayed on screen and printed on the included color printer.

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