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Test Cell and Dynamometer for UAV’s and Aircraft Propeller Engines

The Hydromechanical Engineering Ltd. Engines Test Cells
HEC-ETC-100 and HEC-ETC-200 are designed and constructed as a turn-key project for testing many types of UAV’s and Aircraft Propeller Engines.

  • Model HEC-ETC-100 can run and test engine with the propeller and record its performances.

  • Model HEC-ETC-200 is both dynamometer and a test cell. It can load and test the engine with a controllable dynamic torque and can also run and test the engine with the propeller.

The HEC-ETC-100 and HEC-ETC-200 Engines Test Cells:

  • Can test engines up to 200 Hp and up to 10,000 rpm and propeller diameter up to 1.4 meter.

  • Can test water cooled and air cooled engines.

  • Built inside fully acoustically isolated standard 40 ft.container.

  • Can be located in any place and easily be moved if required.

  • Very quite operation – Almost no noise outside the Test-Cell when testing an engine.

  • Very simple to install – Just connect to electrical supply.

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