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Brake Pumps Test Stand for Tanks and Military Vehicles Series HEC-9000

The HEC-9000 Brake Pumps Test Stands are designed for testing the central and slave brake pumps of the M60, M48 and Merkava Tanks.

The Test Stand simulates the real working conditions on the tanks, and allows to perform static and cycling tests.

The HEC-9000 Brake Pumps Test Stands are cost-effective, accurate, with highly capable test system.

The HEC-9000 Series Brake Pumps Test Stands are suitable for testing Brake Pumps of other Tanks and Military Vehicles.

Options – Computerized automatic data acquisition system:

  • On screen display of test procedures and operation instructions.

  • On screen display and hard copy printing of test results, with allowed limits, and Pass/Fail reporting

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